‘ Water’: a unique event in the International Year of Freshwater

Water will be a symposium, exhibition and display that brings together Academy members, community organisations, professional societies and institutes, educational organisations (primary, secondary, TAFE and tertiary), local, state and federal government as well as representatives from the arts, business, tourism, environment, sciences, innovation and other sectors. This event will be the Academy’s major event for 2003 and is planned for later this year. Negotiations are currently underway with local councils, the Institute of Modern Art as well as engineering, science and education groups to fix a suitable date and multi-purpose venue. Water is a unique event which will not only examine new water technologies, water management but will also examine how water is reflected in Australian cultural, scientific and daily life. Visual art exhibitions, scientific and educational displays, public lectures and discussions reflect the cross-platform vision of the Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences. It is hoped that this event will allow Academy members an opportunity to network with other members of their sector but, more importantly, it also encourages networking ACROSS fields in a stimulating and positive environment. It will be the Academy’s major contribution to UNESCO’s and DESA’s International Year of Freshwater 2003. Members will be informed as soon as venues and dates are announced.

The Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences congratulates the Australian Academy of Science’s five new Queensland Fellows who were elected on 27 March:

• Professor Perry Bartlett

Professor, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Queensland

• Professor Rossiter Crozier

Professor (Personal Chair), School of Tropical Biology, James Cook University, Queensland

• Professor Peter Drummond

Professor of Theoretical Physics, University of Queensland

• Professor Maria Orlowska

Professor of Information Systems, Head of Information Systems Division and Deputy Head of School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, University of Queensland

• Professor Mark von Itzstein

Professor and Director, Centre for Biomolecular Science and Drug Discovery, Griffith University, QueenslandQAAS’ 3-year Outlook

QAAS has received triennial funding from Education Queensland’s Staff College. This funding will is given to support the Executive Officer’s position and is allocated for 2002, 2003, 2004. In addition, this funding strengthens ties between the Academy and Staff College and we envisage many positive partnerships including: mentorship programs, membership discounts for Education Queensland (EQ) members, development of the EQ Speakers Circuit and collaboration on all relevant QAAS or EQ events and/or programs.

In addition, final contractual negotiations are underway with Arts Queensland for a second triennial funding agreement. Arts Queensland is now having the final contract drafted: a contract which will ensure addition three-year funding for the Academy’s Executive Officer position.

All this adds up to a strong long-term outlook for the Academy. With ensured staffing, the organisation can seek out further funding, improve membership benefits and increase membership in general, run partnership programs and key events as well as keep our office up-to-date and on target.

Already we have improved databases and website management, improved membership information networks, increased funding and partnership opportunities, increased networks and affiliations with arts and sciences organisations in Brisbane and across Queensland. If you, or your organisation would like more information on any of the Academy’s services or potential programs, please contact Jane O’Donnell, Executive Officer on 3210 0165 or on office@qldacademy.org.au.