Interesting Read

  • The Seduction of Curves, by Allan Mc Robie

    A lavishly illustrated book that explores the language of curves that spans the human body, science, engineering, and art Curves are seductive. These smooth, organic lines and surfaces—like those of the human body—appeal to us in an instinctive, visceral way that straight lines or the perfect shapes of classical geometry never could. In this large-format book, lavishly illustrated in color throughout, Allan McRobie takes the reader on an alluring exploration of the beautiful curves that sha…

  • The Music of Carl Vine, by Rhoderick McNeill

    There are hundreds of books about composers and their music, but when the composer’s still alive and working – and changing – this presents a challenge to the author and maybe the composer. Rhoderick McNeill, accepted this challenge. If you would like to read a review from Peter Campbell please follow this link: Context Vol 42