Art Lab: Where art and science collide

23 August, 2017 @ 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Ecosciences Precinct
41 Boggo Rd
Dutton Park QLD 4102
Science Division, DSITI

“Scientists collaborating with artists are more likely to take risks, bring innovative approaches to their fields, and incorporate alternative ways of thinking and perceiving in their work”

– Glinkowski P, Bamford A. Insight and Exchange: An evaluation of the Wellcome Trust’s Sciart programme

The Australian Science Communicators (SE Queensland Branch) and DSITI have assembled a panel of artists and scientist-artists to discuss where art and science collide at the 2017 Art meets Science exhibition. This event will feature a short keynote from Dr Graham Baker and a panel featuring Professor Ross Barnard, Donna Davis, Svetlana Trefilova, and Maria Vandergragt.

We are pleased to have you open the night, by speaking briefly about the value of art-science collaborations.

We will then host a panel discussion for the remaining 30 minutes to continue discussing art-science collaborations and how each discipline can contribute to the other.

Below, we have included some talking points to help you prepare for your presentation.

Talking points:

  • What is the value of art-science collaboration?
  • What is your experience of these collaborations?
  • How can art and science contribute to one another?
  • Tell us a little about the Queensland Academy of Art and Science.


2017 Art meets Science exhibition: Sixteen artists with recently completed science-based artworks have been invited to exhibit at the sixth Art meets Science Exhibition at the Ecosciences Precinct.

Panel session: The panel will explore how art and science can inform one another. It will also showcase the exhibition at the Ecosciences Precinct.