Ecology and the Economy

Featuring displays, guest speakers and specialists from UNSW, UQ, GU, Energex, TAFE, and an official opening by Minister for Environment, Hon Dean Wells MA, MP, the Ecology and the Economy symposium raised constructive and innovative possibilities for our future.

Having a healthy economy and preserving the ecology have often thought to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. This event showed that it is possible to be a nation that is high on both. The public exhibition and symposium focused on what research is being done into the alternative energy industry of the future. Displays of the Sun Shark solar car and the Pruis hybrid car from the Queensland Government fleet, solar powered houses and buildings, alternative energy options and a range of innovative products were on display for the entire weekend while the low-cost and accessible talks by experts and researchers across these fields ran all day on Saturday.

The Hon. Dean Wells, MA, MP, Minister for the Environment, opened the event on Saturday, 21st September and stayed to hear several of the early talks and to browse the displays. Approximately 60 people, including academics, business and government representatives, families, students and other members of the public joined the symposium. Many more visited the displays over the weekend.

Talks covered subjects such as economically productive energy options, solar powered public and private transport, house building and renovation, sustainable energy and the future.

Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences would like to take this opportunity to again thank its partners: Energex, Queensland Government Environmental Protection Agency, Queensland Museum and Ionode. Without strongly committed partnerships, such an event would not have been possible.