” Thinking Together – Acting Together”

This multidisciplinary Academy aspires to enhance the cultural life of the community by facilitating integration and collaboration across the arts and sciences.It seeks to extend both the arts and the sciences through their mutual contributions to the others’ field.

This Academy promotes innovative and creative thinking in all fields of endeavour.



  •  To facilitate the innovative interaction between and among disciplines by eliminating barriers to communication and development.
  • To establish the Academy as a Queensland hub for independent consultation and advice on issues of major public interest in the fields of the Arts and Sciences.
  • With special focus on Queensland, to promote outstanding achievement in, and encourage advancement of, the Arts and Sciences in Australia.
  • To inspire a universal interest in learning, especially among young people via innovative access to the Arts and Sciences.



Many outstanding recent advances have come from interaction among individuals from various disciplines, creating new departments of knowledge. This has resulted in new insights about the world in which we live, new disease cures have been found, and new profitable industries have developed.

Some examples of such departments are – molecular biology, biotechnology, genetic engineering, computer science and information technology, space sciences, geosciences, motion picture and television arts and sciences, instrumentation, and process and control engineering. Most fields of knowledge have impact on others. So an Academy bringing members of diverse fields together has many benefits for the individual and for the community –

Benefits to the individual through:

  • A direct means of professional and social networking with other knowledgeable persons from other disciplines, departments, and institutions
  • Opportunities to extend greatly one’s breadth of interests and to present one’s ideas to a wider audience
  • Membership of, and the potential to be elected a Fellow of, a distinguished body – with advance in professional status
  • Opportunity to be a recipient of prizes for outstanding contributions to our community’s welfare.

Benefits to the community through:

  • Organising of interdisciplinary conferences and publishing their proceedings and other reports for distribution locally, nationally, and internationally
  • Providing a contact point for visiting learned persons and for the media
  • Awarding Fellowships, Scholarships and Prizes to promote learning and development in Queensland
  • Sponsoring public lectures on topics of general interest and encouraging interest in learning among young people
  • Providing valuable advice to Governments and to other bodies on matters affecting Queensland’s future
  • Developing strong links between the arts, the sciences, industry and commerce for the further intellectual development, commercial benefit, and prestige of the State and its citizens.